E.WagnerHolisticHealth: April 2015

E.WagnerHolisticHealth: April 2015

Blog#38: Qi Gong to Help Correct

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A qi gong-like exercise which I call “walking trees” has

been responsible for the correction of my near-sightedness for several

decades. I’ve taught it to many patients

and some friends and family members.

Those who have used this exercise daily, in the prescribed manner, have

“Walking trees” also could be considered yoga; it involves specific

movements accompanied by a positively expectant state of mind. I first learned a version of this exercise

Edgar Cayce was arguably the most famous and accurate psychic of the

twentieth century. He referred to this

yoga/qi gong as the “head and neck exercises”.

“Walking trees” can be done sitting, standing, or

walking. It is best done walking out of

doors among trees, on somewhat uneven terrain.

The spine should be reasonably straight.

This therapy consists of six sets of movements, each done three

times. First, the head and neck are

flexed forward and then brought back to midline before again flexing

forward. After three of these movements,

the head and neck are extended backward, three times, then flexed laterally to

the right, then to the left, then rotated clockwise and finally rotated

each movement in a set of three, and before each new type of movement, the head

and neck are always returned to midline.

Head and neck move slowly, in a relaxed manner, and to their furthest

possible range without causing significant discomfort. A sensation of tightness is alright, as are

sounds of popping or grinding, without pain.

The “walking trees” exercise might best be attempted seated

first and then standing. When a person

no longer gets dizzy standing while doing this exercise, it is time to begin

walking, first on even ground and then among trees, where roots and stones may

cause the ground to gently swell or sink.

The eyes are kept open, and if glasses or contact lenses are normally

worn, they are removed during this time.

If the person is so near-sighted without glasses that they might be in

danger of walking into branches, protective clear goggles can be worn. Numerous factors make this a particularly

directions while the eyes are open forces the eyes to focus on different

spots. Doing this exercise while walking

challenges every part of the eye, including the lens and the surrounding

outside among trees, carries benefits even further, for now the practitioner is

able to breathe in more oxygen from the surrounding vegetation, and to absorb

other forms of beneficial energy from the out of doors. At the same time, the trees absorb exhaled

five element theory, the wood element is associated with trees and the liver,

and the eyes are the sensory organ connected with the liver.

This exercise can be used to support treatment of visual

problems with TCM (using acupuncture and herbal therapy). It is best to do “walking trees” every day

for an entire year. Gentle use of

“walking trees” can also aid in the healing of neck and upper back injuries

through the mobilization, stretching and strengthening, and the relaxation

which this exercise allows. For this

purpose, it is usually practiced morning and evening, in a comfortable seated

position. Over several weeks or months,

local blockages in acupuncture channels which traverse the head and face, the

neck, and the upper back can be reduced or eliminated, restoring normal flow of

qi and blood through the tissues. Since

everything is connected, in the body and in the universe at large, this will

ultimately improve a person’s overall health.

This blog was extracted from an article I wrote for the

can reach their website at omjournal.com

You can reach the A.R.E., the organization which organizes and shares Edgar

Cayce’s readings at edgarcayce.org

Share this blog with others who might benefit. This blog’s free offer is the opportunity to

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minutes to teach you “walking trees” if you have questions about it.

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