Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor is a stylish heart monitor watch which uses ANT+ technology to wirelessly transfer data between your HRM, watch and optional foot pod or cadence sensor.

At A Glance

  • Heart rate monitor with optional foot pod and bike speed/cadence sensor
  • Features like auto synch, Virtual Partner, Auto Pause, Auto Lapse and Auto Scroll
  • 100 Laps history or 15 hours data storage

This chic device from Garmin USA is a watch for all your fitness needs. Combined with a foot pod, it makes an awesome personal training partner even for the advanced athlete.

Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor
Garmin FR60 HRM

The Garmin FR60 heart rate monitor tracks your run speed, distance, time, heart rate and calories expended. It can store 20 hours of data or approximately 100 laps. It is Garmin Connect and Garmin Training Center compatible and wirelessly sends data to your PC. Other exciting features are: Auto Lap, Auto Pause, Auto Scroll, Virtual Partner, pace and time/ distance alert, etc. Additionally, it also displays time (both 12 and 24 hour), dual time and a calendar. The Garmin FR60 is ideal for multi-sport atheltes that engage in weightlifting, cross-training, swimming, running and cycling.


A number of different versions have been launched by Garmin USA, keeping in mind individual likes and needs: Black heart rate monitors for both men and women, heart rate monitors with USB ANT stick: black and red for men and lilac for women, FR60 bundles with heart rate monitors, USB ANT sticks and foot pods. Men''s Blue and Women''s pink bundles have a premium heart rate monitor.

What''s in the Box?

  • FR60
  • USB ANT StickTM
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Quick Start manual
  • The black and pink bundles come with an additional foot pod while the limited editions come with a premium heart rate monitor and a foot pod.

Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor Features

  • Dimensions: 56 x 38 x 13 mm (Women’s: 52 x 38 x 14mm)
  • Display resolution: 56 x 31pixels
  • Weight: 44g (women’s: 41g)
  • Battery: Coin cell battery
  • Battery life: 1 year
  • GPS enabled: no
  • Water resistant: yes (up to 50 m


Garmin USA has launched different models for men and women. Also, versions with heart rate monitor and limited editions are available. These are: FR60 Men''s Black Running Bundle, FR60 Men''s Red Heart Rate Monitor, FR60 Women''s Black Running Bundle, FR60 Women''s Lilac Heart Rate Monitor, FR60 Limited Edition - Pink (for women) and FR60 Limited Edition - Blue (for men). Expect to pay between $100-$200 depending on model.

Customer Reviews

Here''s what customers are saying about the Garmin FR60 heart monitor watch:

...This is a great product for cross training. I have started triathlons and the foot pod works like a charm in telling me how far I''ve run. There is also a bike cadence sensor that is available to track how far you''ve biked, but I haven''t tried that out yet. The heart rate monitor also works great. The setup of the watch is a bit tricky and confusing, but go online to Garmin and they have a lot of videos to help figure it out. Relatively inexpensive given the features and I''ve read that the foot pod technology is actually more accurate than GPS. Highly recommended...

Important Links

Garmin connect: downloads, updates and much more

Get your skin wet

Some problems may be caused by dry skin or exercising in the winter. If it''s hot enough the monitor will begin sending your pulse to the heart monitor watch once you start to sweat. If you don''t sweat a lot, some advocate licking the strap before you start exercising, squirt some water between your skin and the strap or you can use a little heart monitor gel.

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